Integrated design

01 November 2015

Aktivhaus has made the concept of integrated design a working reality, the purpose is to achieve true multidisciplinary design in order to improve the performance of the building system in terms of energy, economic running and environmental impact, with constant focus on the composition and design concept.

Aktivhaus buildings

01 November 2015

Discover the Aktivhaus buildings , highly energy efficient buildings made to measure, with no compromises. Aktivhaus houses and buildings are built based on the desires and needs of their future owners. Their high capacity for customisation and advanced techniques allow great variety, from innovative to traditional and from old-style to modern. Read more...

Certified quality

01 November 2015

Day after day, the Aktivhaus team, distinguished by its expertise, training and professionalism, seeks innovative solutions and creates residential, tourist, public and industrial buildings in compliance with the most important international design standards. Read more...