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Aktivhaus has proudly co-designed and built numerous projects in Italy and abroad, including the following notable examples:

Soiano del Lago (BS) – Passivhaus farm with residence
Roncone (TN) – New Passivhaus villa
Civezzano (TN) – New Passivhaus kindergarten
Bieno (TN) – New Passivhaus villa
Curtatone (MN) – New Passivhaus villa
Nago Torbole (TN) – Passivhaus eco hotel
Lavis (TN) – Passivhaus 3-villa complex
Parma (PR) – New Passivhaus hotel building
Induno Olona (VA) – Passivhaus residential complex
Flero (Bs) – Passivhaus / A+ residential complex
Croglio (Switzerland) – Passivhaus / Minergie-P villa
Savosa (Switzerland) – Passivhaus / Minergie-P residential complex

Manerbio (Bs) – New class A+ villa
Manerba del Garda (Bs) – Class A+ 3-villa complex
Lonato del Garda (Bs) – Class A+ residential building
Brembilla (Bg) – New class A+ villa
Cremona – A+ residential complex
Coredo (TN) – New A+ kindergarden
Ospedaletto (TN) – New A+ single-family villa
Punta del Este (Uruguay) – New class A villa
Acquafredda (BS) – New class A villa

Aquila (AQ) – Residential modules
Verona (VR) – New agri-food market
Italy – LD sales points Italy
Brescia (BS) – Gruppo Beretta S.P.A. new production unit
Malpensa (VA) – Malpensa Airport
Linate (MI) – Linate Airport
Lecco (LC) – New Lecco Hospital
Brescia (BS) – New headquarters of Paterlini & Tonolini S.P.A.
Brescia (BS) – Pittarello Calzature S.P.A. new headquarters in the Parco Grande Shopping Centre
Leccio (FI) – Gucci Immobiliare Leccio S.R.L. new showroom
Milano (MI) – Flos S.P.A. new showroom
Casto (BS) – Fmn Martinelli S.R.L. new headquarters
Milano (MI) – Benetton Group new Sisley Megastore
Brescia (BS) – Gruppo Asm S.P.A. new waste-to-energy plant
Brescia (BS) – Centrale Del Latte Di Brescia S.P.A.
Brescia (BS) – Brescia Mercati S.P.A. new flower and vegetable commercial unit
Brescia (BS) – A.L.E.R. Formerly I.A.C.P. renovation of the Michelangelo and Raffaello Towers
Verolanuova (BS) – Ocean S.P.A. new production unit
Travagliato (BS) – Serinova Serigrafia Industriale S.N.C. new production unit
Brescia – Verona – Bergamo – Tnt Traco S.P.A. renovation of branch offices
Liscate (MI) – Barilla S.P.A. new logistics unit for Northern Italy
Milano (MI) – Metropolitana Milanese S.P.A. rail link
Milano (MI) – Lombardiacom S.P.A. new Kiwicom Group management office building
Agrate (MI) – Dematic S.P.A. – Mannesmann Group – new administrative headquarters
Poncarale (BS) – Nodema S.R.L. – New commercial complex and craftwork facilities
Carpiano (MI) – Coopsette S.C.R.L. – New Hilti warehouse centre
Roncadelle (BS) – Atig S.P.A. – Galeazzi Group – Le Rondinelle Shopping Centre
Brescia (BS) – Irces 95 S.R.L. – Torre Crystal Palace
Palmanova (UD) – Unieco S.C.R.L. – Le Mura outlet
Torino (TO) – New Ikea headquarters
Italy – Brixia Finanaziaria Spa – fuel distributors
Romanore di Borgoforte (MN) – Novellini Spa – new production unit
Romanore di Borgoforte (MN) – Novellini Spa – new company crèche
Verolanuova (BS) – Pasta Lensi production plant
Timisoara (Romania) – New Salomon / Max Meyer factory
Halle Saale (Germany) – Shopping centre
Praga (Czech Republic) – Novotel
Östersund (Sweden) – Road/rail bridge

EXPO 2015

Kuwait Pavillion
America Pavillion
WAA Pavillion


Aktivhaus, in association with ZEPHIR (Zero Energy and Passivhaus Institute for Research), has successfully created and publicly launched the first travelling passive house prototype. The primary purpose of biosPHera was to show how a near zero energy building is created and what it is like to live in one. The second was to measure the true behaviour of the house in the main climate zones of Italy, using a network of sensors. The result successfully demonstrated how careful design, the use of innovative materials and systems, and high-quality construction can contribute to the creation of a near zero energy building.